Getting Started

Starting is easy! Simply register with us and browse our courses and select the ones you like from our course list. 

You can start your course right after you’ve made the successful payment. You will also receive lifetime access to your course. That means you can start the course at a later time, take as many breaks as you like, and even retake the entire course in the future.

All our courses are 100% online, self-paced, and text-based (including lots of pictures, graphs, and diagrams). No additional reading material is required. You can find the duration per course on the course list.

All our courses are designed for both students and non-students. Therefore, you need neither previous knowledge of management concepts nor any formal application to start. All you need is a web browser and some motivation!

Cost & Payment

With our current discounts, our online courses cost between £5.00 and £198.00. These costs include the course content as well as your personal certificate.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), and major debit cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept manual bank transfers. If you use the credit card of a third party (e.g. family member or close friend), please make sure that this person approves your payment.

There are various reasons why a payment may fail. Here are some error sources and solutions:

  • Check your entered credit card details for mistakes
  • Make sure there is enough money on your account
  • Use another credit card

Course & Program Certificates

To gain your personal course certificate, you have to complete an online course. Also, there is no time limit for completing the course. You will receive your certificate as a digital file (pdf). We do not send hard copies unless requested.

It demonstrates not only your skills and knowledge, but also your dedication to professional development inside and outside the workplace.

You can find the certificate by clicking on My profile from the top right then Certificates.

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