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International Students Welcome!

Are you not based in the UK? No problem! We welcome students from all over the world to study with us. As there is no college to attend, you can learn with us anywhere you wish, as long as you have an internet connection. All students can access a tutor via email with any questions they may have relating to their course.

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You will receive a highly valued digital certificate with a unique ID at the end of each course.

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Economic Courses | University Level Content
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Learners From 750+ Businesses Have Entrusted Us With Upskilling Their Expertise

A trusted academy of continuing education

All of our courses are carefully designed by a team of management experts, business professionals, economists and academics, who know which skills really matter to succeed in today’s business world. That’s how we have earned a satisfaction rate of 96% among our students.

For years, Brit Academy has provided students from all over the world with essential business skills and knowledge. Our education has helped students achieve a variety of career goals, from getting a promotion, to starting a business, to pursuing new interests.

Flexible education with a global mentality

Lifestyle has changed, and so should education. In a time of increasing movement, flexibility, and information overflow, we are determined to create a new learning experience that meets both your needs and today’s business standards.

Our vision is a world where anyone, anywhere can learn new business and management skills faster than ever before. With our expertise in online and continuing education, we seek to advance your career and offer you a high-quality learning experience.

Located in the heart of Europe

With over hundreds of years of excellence in the education sector, UK has become a top destination for studies for international students. Any student who is looking to develop his or her global experience and acquire a quality education should consider the benefits that UK educational providers offer on their various programs. 

London’s place at the heart of Europe, together with its excellent infrastructure, outstanding research landscape, and enormous business opportunities, make the British capital and its environs a perfect location for Brit Academy.

Connected to our community

We believe that knowledge has the power to impact the lives of all people, across all sections of society. To make our world more free, fair and open, help our economy grow, and leave no one behind.

Unbound by tradition, we are a leader in technical education. Career-focused pathways across our institutions open up opportunities. Rooted in the real world, we are a partner to industry. Research, knowledge exchange and innovation empowers organisations to work smarter. We work with business leaders to shape our curricula and qualifications, helping our economy to grow.

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